Some might say that being born both left and right brained would be a curse. Well, they’d be correct. Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to keep one side of the brain from totally overpowering the other side and enjoy a 15-year career as a producer and editor in the world of video production.

After originally cutting my teeth as a production assistant and assistant editor, I joined a post-production house as an editor. Focusing on broadcast promos and brand videos, I learned the importance of creativity and story while maintaining speed and accuracy. 6 years later I decided to set out on my own in an effort to grow as an artist. It was during this time as a freelance editor that I started producing projects since it allowed me more influence and freedom when building the creative team and crafting the story.

Currently, I spend most of my professional life producing and editing stories for broadcast, brands, agencies, and non-profits. The projects range from location and studio shoots to promos to live-events to sizzle reels and even some immersive experiences. On occasion I’ve also been known to pick up a camera or draft a storyboard (with stick figures of course). Basically, whatever it takes to ensure success for the project.

When I’m not working on a project or thinking about working on a project, you can find me reading (mostly historical fiction), hunting for the best Italian food, and exploring the parks and hiking trails around the Southeast with my partner, Liah, and our dog, Codec.